15 Spinoffs That Premiere in 2018


1615 Spinoffs That Premiere in 2018


Lately, the movie industry has been launching a lot of sequels, prequels and spinoffs and rarely can you stumble upon the original film. At least it seems to be like that. The movies are produced to earn a lot of money and not to bring something innovative to the global culture, so instead of starting from zero, gathering ideas and creating something new, the studios would rather produce a spinoff and build on something they know is already successful.

Fans are hungry, and they want new tales, not just more of the same. The spinoff would often involve one character from the original story, which is usually not the main figure in the previous film, and the plot would be created around him/her. These tales are not brand new, but it is always fun for the fans to see the expansion of their favorite flicks. Here are 15 spinoffs that will premiere in 2018.