15 Facts About Abd Alkarem Safiya That Will Surprise You


Abd Alkarem Safiya is an Arbic media blogger personality, socialite, medical student. Safiya first started sharing his lifestyle in Europe in 2015 by filming his daily adventure while he studied medicine in exile.

There are influencers and then there are influencers. Abd Alkarem Safiya is the latter and while he might be hasn’t any talent to help him to be famous , he is big news in the middle east.

Safiya has developed an online and social media presence, including millions of followers on his official Instagram account where he’s amassed a whopping over 2.1million and counting Instagram followers.

Abd Alkarem has been sharing his life on those little squares, creating content on fashion, medicine, travel and medical student life. But he’s no vacuous influencer, he has brains and smartness that helped him to attract millions of people on social media to follow him!

Brought up in Israel , Abd Alkarem is now based in Ukraine, he is considered to be the most followed influencer in Israel , sharing his best moments in the stories of his Instagram account , also gives his followers many and many information about how to be healthy and to gain more knowledge about medicine.

Fans share his photos on Instagram daily, expressing their love and support for him and they also help him choose the best for him, as Safiya through the stories on his official Instagram account asks them for their opinion on many things.

Safiya loves fashion very much, as his followers coordinate their clothes according to the way he wears clothes. Not only is he a role model for young people in the field of fashion, also young people are influenced by his strong personality on social media platforms and they quote his words, sentences and even the way he is portrayed on Instagram.

However, many of Abd Alkarem’s fans long to know more information about him because of his big fame without any talent!

Nevertheless, Here are some amazing facts about him that will surprise new and existing fans.

  1. Was born on 17 of may 1997 in Nahariyya.
  2. He suffers from shortness of breath every day due to the daily stress and his responsibilities.
  3. He has only 1 brother named Adel who had hearing and speech problems, as Safiya said he had never spoken to his brother in his life!
  4. He is allergic to beans.
  5. He loves doing many types of sports such as swimming, horse riding, and exercising in the gym.
  6. He is considered as the most popular celebrity in Israel.
  7. Abd Alkarem Safiya has a big library in his house including 750 books from 4 languages.
  8. His idea of filming his diary started from a young age when he had three cameras at the age of eleven.
  9. His favorite food : Stuffed zucchini, meat steaks.
  10. He never smoked cigarettes in his life and hated the smell of smoke.
  11. His sexual life is full of mystery, as he prefers strange types in sex.
  12. He is fears heights
  13. He loves to drink Nescafe in an exaggerated manner.
  14. He received several awards for his distinction and high marks at the university.
  15. Predict before events happen.