10 Rose Color Meanings

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Each flower is a separate story for itself. Many flowers carry significant meaning to them, and it all depends on their shape, background, and color. Roses are no exception, but in their case, it is all based on the color.

A rose is probably the most popular flower that you give to a girl. You use it to display deep emotion towards her, to tell her that you love her, or even to propose to her. But did you know that every rose color means something completely different?

Here is something that can help you create a perfect bouquet for your significant other next time.

Red Rose

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A red rose is one of the most popular gifts to give a woman. According to www.flowerdelivery.org.uk, red roses represent the eternal love, passion, desire and are there to express true love towards someone. It is the ultimate “I love you” gift and the best flower to give for Valentine ’s Day. If you are using it as part of a bridal bouquet, it evokes genuine respect and appreciation of the young couple. Pick a red rose when professing somebody your love.

White Rose

A white rose is a rarer gift but equally popular. These roses carry the meaning of innocence, purity, and faithfulness. They are also connected with new beginnings and everlasting love and can work as a make-up gift. But people associate white roses with weddings the most. They signify eternal loyalty and young love if they are used for weddings.

Peach Rose

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Compared to other rose hues, the peach one does not carry a specific romantic note. It is considered as a thank you present and is often given to somebody who is your true friend. It is also very appropriate to provide a peach rose in a business situation when closing a deal, for example. The trait of peach roses is modesty, sincerity, gratitude, and genuineness.

Pink Rose

When it comes to pink roses, it comes with two separate meanings. Generally, a pink rose represents femininity, sweetness, and elegance. But if you have a darker shade of pink the rose will stand for recognition, gratitude, and appreciation and is best given as a thank you gift. But if the pink color is on the light side it can stand for gentleness, happiness, and grace.

Lavender Rose

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Lavender roses are very unique due to their specific color. They are actually really rare to find compared to other hues. They are mysterious in nature and also stand for enhancement, splendor, and wonder. They can also stand for love at first sight. If you are harboring a secret crush towards somebody giving them a lavender rose might be a good way to let them know about it.

Blue Rose

A blue rose also carries a dose of mystery in it. It is splendid to look at and its unique color says that it should be given to somebody who is independent. A blue rose means getting to something unattainable or impossible and are given when you want to say that somebody is unique or extraordinary. Be careful to what kind of women you give a blue rose to.

Green Rose

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Green roses represent life and the renewal of energy. The color green is related to everything natural and evokes growth, rejuvenation, and fertility. Giving a green rose to somebody would mean that you are trying to surprise them. It also means copiousness and plenty. But due to the stabilizing nature of the color, it can also bring balance.

Orange Rose

Orange rose is a very energetic gift. Due to its fiery color, an orange rose will stand for enthusiasm and fascination. If you give somebody an orange rose you are telling them that you are proud of them and you express your deepest admiration towards them. As it gives off energy, a bouquet of orange roses will get somebody energized really fast.

Yellow Rose

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In the past, a yellow rose use to have a negative connotation. It was connected with jealousy and was not considered as a good sign. But throughout the years, the meaning has changed. A yellow rose is something that stands for warmth, affection, and delight. It is a great way to cheer up a close friend and can also be given as a good luck charm. Yellow roses are supposed to brighten your day.

Black Rose

The black rose might be the most mysterious one on this list. When you first think of black, you are reminded of death, sadness, and despair. Black roses are also connected with funerals and do not evoke happiness in people. But they also have a different meaning to them. Due to their mysteries look they also inspire new beginnings and are supposed to stand for big changes in one’s life. These roses are also connected with hope and courage and can signal a new birth.