10 Rare Undertaker Photos Of Him Outside Of The Ring


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If we take a look at the pro wrestling, it is easy to say that The Undertaker is one of the biggest stars in the business. We don’t get the chance to see him often while not in his character, but we do have some quite rare images of this guy from the real world outside of the ring.

The Undertaker relaxing and playing some golf::

In one of his interviews, The Undertaker told Houston Chronicle reporter in 2013 that he loves Golf.

“I spend a lot of time with my family, my children. I also work on my horrible golf game. I love golf, but I’m awful. For some reason, I go out there and make myself miserable because I’m so bad it”

You can see this man at a golf course and wearing some khakis:

The Undertaker with members of “The Bone Street Krew”

You did hear about Kliq, a backstage faction of friends, and The Bone Street Krew or the BSK was The Undertaker’s version. We could see people like The Godfather, Paul Bearer, Rikishi, Mideon, Yokozuna, etc., with him backstage.

Check them out posing:

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