10 cars list that would suit President Trump better!


Well, the presidential race is over, like it or not we have the winner. The office takeover will be happening in January 2017 and until than officials are working overtime to prepare for Mr. Trump’s arrival. Since every President before him, and the new one as well, is the most powerful and most important person on the face of the earth, it is only logical that the Secret Service is thinking about new ways to protect him. This time they are not making the exception as well. They are in the stages of preparing a new limousine, internally named “Beast 2” which is the official presidential vehicle of the POTUS and which is supposed to keep him out of any harms way during his travels. The online community, on the other hand, devised a list of top 10 cars that would suit Mr. Trump better than Beast 2 and here it is:

1. Dartz Motorz – because nothing says President of the USA better than gold!

Dartz Motorz is a Latvia-based company that has specialized in making armored vehicles for important persons. The company itself also suggested that they should be the ones that are going to make a new limousine for the President and they sent the picture of what they thought it would suit him the best, according to high standards he upholds. This SUV has a thick skin, meaning he is heavily armored and every piece of metal used on it is covered in gold. Believe it or not, there is not a single inch of this car’s metal surfaces that hasn’t been covered in gold and if that doesn’t sing “all hail the president of the USA” I don’t know what does.

2. Marauder – the terrorist demolisher!


If you are wondering, the name of the vehicle (Marauder – to plunder or raid) does not have anything to do with the characteristics of the new President. This vehicle is made by South African company which swears that this is the best protection vehicle in the world. Any kind of bullets, grenades or even anti-tank mines can not hurt this beast at all. The range is 700 km, and it can literally run trough walls and other parked cars, as was shown in TopGear by Richard Hammond.

3. Kortezh – because Russia and USA should be friends.


If you are struggling to pronounce the name of the car, don’t worry you are not alone, we can’t either. If you followed on the post-presidential elections happenings than you probably know that Mr. Putin only recently announced that he would like to work together with the new USA President, and what would say friendship and cooperation better than a gift in the form of an all-new Russia made limousine (due to President Putin’s service next year) to Mr. Trump. This limousine is due to be made in 200 units that will be available to the public with its most advanced safety technology till date and the engine from Porsche.

4. Conquest Knight XV – this one will scare everybody just by seeing it on the street.

This is hand built SUV, and oh boy is it huge! It is 20 ft long, 8.2 ft wide and 8.3 ft tall and it can with ease eclipse any other SUV in this world. The 6 tons weight of the vehicle rests on top of the ballistic proof run-flat tires and its power is drawn from Ford’s V8 petrol engine with 325 HP and 400 lb-ft of torque. The time needed to build something like this is about 4.000 working hours, and it is tested against most advanced weapons known so far. The SUV also gets custom leather upholstery, flat screen TV, satellite communication system, night vision camera and provision to connect PS3 or Xbox to the TV.

5. GMC Yukon XL – this one is to appease the Mexico.


As you can remember President Trump hasn’t been very nice toward Mexico, and to try to change that the GMC Yukon XL as his official vehicle is just what he needs to makes things better again. This vehicle is made in Mexico, and it really looks awesome. It is powered by a 6.2 L V8 engine that generates 420 HP and offers a whole bunch of luxury features to make the president comfortable which will keep Mexico in his good thoughts for sure.

6. Party SUV – to spread love everywhere!


Since he announced his love and support to everybody out there we believe that this one will help him show that he meant it, and while driving around the town in this, he will surely spread some love and make new friends. This Ford‘s limo will transport as many people as you can think of and do that in the brightest, attractive and friendly color out there.

7. Fiat Multipla – president has a unique taste.


Mr. Trump, if you didn’t know it, has a unique taste in stuff. All of his possessions are mostly unseen by many people, and this car is surely the one that will help solve this problem and go very nice with Trump’s fascination with unique things in life. The Multipla is a vehicle that will instantaneously repel people and will keep the president protected without any need for armoring it and thus reduce its expenses. Because of its unique look all around and that bump on its hood, that somehow strangely matches Mr. Trump’s haircut, we believe that this is a car for him.

8. Black Knight Hummer – just because America loves guns!

We all know this, and we all agree about this one – America loves guns, never mind the shape and size. This vehicle is specially modified to hold and carry guns, automatic guns, ammo, and God knows what else. It is a perfect soldier that will go into any battle and come out unscratched and victorious. If any car screamed “Presidential limo” then that is this one.

9. The Tankpache – no need for Air Force One after this!

To any of you out there with half of brain, this is an obviously fake name and fake image. But don’t hold it against us, we dug this one up just because the designer of this photo is on the same wavelength as we are and has the right idea about these things. As you can see this Presidential vehicle has a base that is a tank and top that came from Apache helicopter. This monster is loaded with all kinds of weapons and protected with different armor all around, and if it ever becomes a reality, then this should be an official vehicle of the USA because in this one you have everything that will protect you, get you where you need to be and attack anyone you want.

10. Ford F-150 Raptor – because it is as American as it gets!

This one is a brute of a truck, and it is an all-American made truck that is in its 13th gen which is something not to disregard. This one is as American and as muscle vehicle you can find out there with its massive wheels, aggressive looks, and American flag painted on its body. Must we say anymore!?