No Gentleman

It is not hard to be nice and polite. This should be something quite normal for most people, but still, there are people that think they are smarter and above others. Public transportation is often a place where we can see people behaving badly and the image we show you here is one of the best examples of that.

There are many rules that are not written in stone but should be respected so we can only encourage others to behave nicely and treat others with respect.

Among those things that you should always do is to give your seat to the passengers that really need it. This implies in case if all seats are occupied and if you are healthy and able, you definitely should let pregnant women, young kids, elderly people and the disabled to sit on your spot.

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On this image, we can notice something very strange. Three, able body guys (at least they look like they are able) are sitting while a pregnant woman is standing.

Give us your thoughts about this and other situations you witnessed.

  • Kevin Kylie

    Maybe they don’t even know she’s pregnant and she’s facing away and wearing a big coat. Why doesn’t she just ask to sit? How do we know she even wants to sit? How do we know there aren’t other seats that are free on the train?

  • Victor Szendzielarz

    I think we have a problem these days. Some feminist women would look upon it as patronising, if offered a seat. Another awkward one would be to offer a woman a seat, because she’s apparently pregnant, but she isn’t!

  • Usunder

    The generation that is growing today.

  • David E

    I would question if this lady was actually asked if she wanted to sit, and also you are presuming that the men sitting are not disabled in some way, I am a disabled man and would always offer a seat to a pregnant lady, but they don’t always want to sit. What I am saying is a picture does not alway tell a total story, I don’t think it’s very fair to post this without more proof.

  • Michael

    Only places with subways are liberal party majority. And that’s what Liberals are best at self entitled crap. Conservative men would all have gotten up for her. Because Conservative men are men. Unlike gender confused liberals.

  • Trumpworksforrussia

    I agree

  • Lisa Amey

    This is only a photo of a
    Specific instance; what happened before or just afterwards is unknown. What was done it said or thought is also neither documented for the ‘viewer’ to make a rational and reasonable opinion…… Yes folk don’t get up for others in more need!! But this is bullying/coherence and unfair. Freedom of speech but this photo can say What it is not taken like this!!

  • William McGrath