Dragon Age 4 Release Date and Latest News

Created by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts, “Dragon Age” a fantasy role-playing game, was first released in November 2009. The first installment, titled “Dragon Age: Origins” was soon followed by the second entry, “Dragon Age II” which came out in March 2011. Then three years later, in November 2014, the third part titled “Dragon Age: Inquisition” was released. It has been more than two years since then and not only did the company fail to deliver a sequel, but it also didn’t do anything to bring at least some news about the anticipated title.

In spite of the fact that the fans have been waiting for Dragon Age sequel for quite some time, we should not forget that the game has received three spin-offs in the meantime. These include: “Dragon Age Legends” a strategy RPG which has the same setting as “Dragon Age II,” “Dragon Age Journeys” and “Heroes of Dragon Age” launched in 2013.

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Nonetheless, Internet forums are flooded with questions about “Dragon Age 4” and we can’t blame the gamers for being impatient. The official release date is not the only information that Electronic Arts still refuses to reveal. The company has not made any comment about the game updates, either. We can only guess what upgrades it might receive based on the player’s comments and wishes. For instance, one fan wrote: “There were features missing from the previous games I’d like to see back.” So, the developers might take such and similar desires into consideration and maybe reintroduce the option which enables the gamers to position their groups in the game.

All things considered, at the moment we can only keep our fingers crossed and hope that we’ll see the new installment in one or two years’ time. We promise to keep you updated.

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